5 minute Rounds

5 minute Rounds
5 minute Rounds

Muscle Group:

Legs, Shoulders, Core



weights (optional)


  • 3, 2 minute rounds of jumping jacks. Rest 30 seconds between each round


Rounds start out tough at the 5 minute mark and slowly decrease in time as the workout progresses! 1 minute rests between each round.

Round 1: 10 squats followed by 5 pushups. – round time 5 minutes,

Repeat these exercises for the entire 5 minutes no break!

Round 2: Squats with or without weights. Continuous round no breaks – round time 5 minutes

Round 3: Turkish getup (can also use a dumbbell) round time – 5 minutes

Round 4: Squat with shoulder press. Round time 2.5 minutes

Round 5: Front lunges with or without weights. Round length 2.5 minutes

Round 6: Plank – Round length – 1 minute


Take breaks as needed during the round, however try to do as much as you possibly can before taking that break! Your 1 minute rest period should be used to hydrate the body and get ready for the upcoming round!

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