CoreFit Workout

CoreFit Workout
CoreFit Workout

Muscle Group:

legs, core



TRX, kettlebells


  • 2 minute round of skipping.
  • 2 minute round jogging on the spot
  • 2 minute round skipping.
  • **Rest 30 seconds between each round**


Each round for this workout is 1 minute in length. Only 30 second breaks between the round. There are 6 exercises in total. The exercises should be completed for a minimum of 3 cycles and a maximum of 5.

Remember not to trade speed or intensity for good overall technique! It will only lead to injury!


  • TRX jump squats (alternate jump squats or squats)
  • Push-up side plank (hold side plank for 3-5 seconds)
  • Kettle bell step back lunges (alternate no weights)
  • Hindu pushups (body dip pushups)
  • Kettlebell Turkish getups (alternate losing dumbbells)


Try to complete each round without taking breaks between exercises.

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