CoreFit Conditioning

For All Levels

Corefit Conditioning Classes are functional fitness classes. The classes are co-ed and are designed so that any fitness level can participate and achieve results. If its your time to start changing your lifestyle through health and fitness, then we have the classes for you!

Corefit Conditioning Classes utilize a variety of different types of equipment including but not limited too TRX, battle ropes, free weights, plyo-boxes, slam balls, kettlebell, body weight exercises and much much more!

Classes are designed so that every time you come to train with us the class will be done a little different. This helps keep you mentally engaged in our workouts and keeps you from physically plateauing and not attaining your goals. No boring or mundane gym routines here! Our goal is to make sure you are always challenged and achieve the results you want from combining your effort and our expertise.

You will find our instructors are friendly and knowledgeable and always available and eager to help you achieve all your training goals.

Key Features

  • Functional Fitness Class
  • All Levels of Fitness
  • 45 minute Class
  • Variety of types of equipment
  • Each class is different
  • Always challenging

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