Group & Private Training

Group training and sport team training:

Do you have a small group that you would like to see benefit from our trainers and coaches? We will listen to your needs and design program-specific training for your group or small team. We have the equipment needed and space to accommodate class and team sizes up to 25. Please contact us for more details on our group and sport team training.

Pricing is based on class size and number of classes needed.

Private training:

Private training is available through any of our trainers and is a great way to get an edge on your workouts. Our trainers are there and available throughout the day, evenings and weekends for your training convenience.

Private training can also help identify inconsistences in training or disproportional problems with strength and functional body movement. Learning how to keep your left and right side in balance or your upper and lower body working together is very important and will help reduce the risk of injury.

Our trainers can design specific programming for you related to your specific training.

Personal training rates are available in a variety different packages and options. Please contact us for the package that best suits your needs.



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