Cardio Kickboxing

Get Your Cardio Working!

Corefit Cardio Kickboxing is a co-ed class that will challenge anyone looking to up their cardiovascular fitness through punching, kicking and body calisthenics. This class age ranges from 14-70+.

CoreFit Cardio Kickboxing classes are designed so that any fitness level can join and feel great throughout the workout and energized when finished. You will learn how to do the exercises correctly, including punching and kicking techniques. You will be introduced to different combinations and exercises that will make you sweat and have fun while doing it.

Students will use a variety of gear in these classes including focus mitts, kicking shields and heavy bags, all of which are supplied by our facility for your training needs. Participants are free to train in bare feet on our mated flooring or if preferred can wear indoor training shoes that are non-marking and not worn outside.

Key Benefits

  • Coed
  • 45 minutes
  • Any Fitness Level
  • Use a variety of gear
  • Learn proper form
  • cardio fitness

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